1 measurement of how good sb/sth is
high, top
low, poor

The overall performance rating puts the new model well ahead of its main rivals.

favourable/favorable, unfavourable/unfavorable (both esp. AmE)

He's currently enjoying a favourable/favorable rating with more than 50% of the electorate.

approval, favorability (AmE), opinion-poll, poll, popularity

He has the highest opinion-poll rating of any president this century.

two-star, three-star, etc.

The hotel achieved a four-star rating.

The hospital has retained its top three-star rating. (BrE)


Most countries try to preserve their international credit rating in order to secure necessary loans.

personal, subjective
assign (sb/sth), give (sb/sth)
achieve, earn, get, obtain, receive, score

The university scored a top rating among students.

downgrade, lower (business)

Standard & Poor's lowered its credit rating for the company from A to BBB.

climb, improve, rise, rocket, soar

The president's ratings have suddenly rocketed.

drop, fall, plummet
scale, system
in a/the rating

a drop of 50 points in her personal rating

rating for

The resort got a low rating for children's facilities.

rating on

The judges gave her the maximum rating on style.

2 ratings number of TV viewers, etc.
good, high
low, poor
audience, TV
prime-time (esp. AmE)

The network's prime-time ratings are up 150%.

garner (esp. AmE), get, have

The show continues to garner high ratings.

At this stage the series was getting good ratings.


Bringing her on the show was a cynical attempt to boost the ratings.

go up, improve, pick up, shoot up, soar

The ratings went shooting up overnight.

dip, drop, fall, go down

The show's ratings have dipped sharply.

battle, war

His new sitcom was a ratings success.

in the ratings

It has been ousted from top spot in the TV ratings.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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