be, seem

We'd better be quick.

become, get
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

an extremely quick worker

reasonably, relatively
amazingly, remarkably, surprisingly

It was a mercifully quick end for those condemned to die.


I was getting quite quick at designing websites.

quick and easy

meals that are quick and easy to prepare

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Quick is used with these nouns: ↑access, ↑answer, ↑assessment, ↑ball, ↑bath, ↑bite, ↑bowler, ↑bowling, ↑brain, ↑break, ↑breakfast, ↑breath, ↑breather, ↑breathing, ↑burst, ↑calculation, ↑call, ↑cash, ↑chat, ↑check, ↑count, ↑crossword, ↑dash, ↑death, ↑delivery, ↑departure, ↑dinner, ↑dip, ↑divorce, ↑drink, ↑embrace, ↑escape, ↑exit, ↑eye, ↑fix, ↑flash, ↑flick, ↑follow-up, ↑foot, ↑footstep, ↑gasp, ↑glance, ↑glimpse, ↑guide, ↑gulp, ↑hug, ↑identification, ↑intake, ↑intelligence, ↑jab, ↑jerk, ↑jog, ↑kill, ↑kiss, ↑learner, ↑look, ↑lunch, ↑march, ↑motion, ↑move, ↑movement, ↑nap, ↑nod, ↑note, ↑overview, ↑pass, ↑peek, ↑peep, ↑prayer, ↑profit, ↑question, ↑reaction, ↑read, ↑recovery, ↑reference, ↑reflex, ↑reminder, ↑repair, ↑reply, ↑resolution, ↑response, ↑retort, ↑retreat, ↑return, ↑review, ↑rise, ↑route, ↑sale, ↑scan, ↑search, ↑service, ↑shake, ↑shave, ↑shower, ↑sip, ↑sketch, ↑snack, ↑solution, ↑spin, ↑sprint, ↑squeeze, ↑stab, ↑step, ↑stride, ↑strike, ↑stroke, ↑stroll, ↑succession, ↑summary, ↑survey, ↑swig, ↑swim, ↑tap, ↑temper, ↑tempo, ↑thinker, ↑thinking, ↑thrust, ↑time, ↑tip, ↑tour, ↑trip, ↑tug, ↑turn, ↑twist, ↑update, ↑visit, ↑wash, ↑wave, ↑way, ↑wit, ↑word, ↑worker

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