gradual, lengthy, long, slow, time-consuming
constant, continuous, ongoing
complex, complicated
arduous, difficult, gruelling/grueling, laborious, painstaking

a painstaking process of trial and error


The bylaws are amended through the normal processes.


The company doesn't have a formal complaints process.


the due process of law


Removing the splinters from the wound was a long and painful process.


the tedious process of creating receipts and invoices

consultation, consultative, decision-making, management, planning
nomination, voting

As part of the registration process, the applicant will report certain information.


Design is a collaborative process.

cognitive, creative, design, learning, mental, thought

Teachers are trained to stimulate the child's cognitive processes.

I was beginning to understand his thought processes.

assessment, selection, testing

the long review process for his application

democratic, electoral, political

Churches are taking a key role in the democratic process.

chemical, industrial, manufacturing, production
ageing/aging, biological, developmental, evolutionary, grieving, healing, physical, thinking

Students use thinking processes and skills to gain a knowledge of history.

judicial, legal, legislative
approval, screening, vetting

They all have to go through a vetting process.


the bidding process for media rights


a stalemate in the peace process

historical, social
three-step, two-step, etc.

A two-step process was used to test this hypothesis.

go through, undergo

Each time we have to go through the whole decision-making process again.

accelerate, drive, expedite, hasten, speed up, stimulate

Excessive exposure to sunlight speeds up the ageing/aging process of the skin.

slow, slow down

Disputes and negotiations have slowed down the process.


Protests disrupted the electoral process in the southern region.

begin, initiate, start

She began the long process of clearing up all the reports.


The entire process was completed in less than 24 hours.


places where the process of urbanization is being reversed

simplify, streamline

e-commerce solutions to streamline the process


The Web facilitates an interactive process of learning.

affect, influence
control, guide, regulate

calls for the law to regulate the warrant process effectively


Most of the process is automated.

occur, take place, unfold

The selection process takes place over a period of two weeks.

begin, start

Any design process evolves over time as new information surfaces.

culminate, result in sth

The process will culminate in December 2010.

call for sth, require sth

These processes require careful scheduling.


Here's how the process works in Finland.

process for

a legal process for dealing with defrauders

process of

the process of change

(a) part of the process

This is part of the process by which musical works are created.

a process of elimination

I will prove this to you by a process of elimination.

a stage in the process, a stage of the process

tobacco specially processed to reduce nicotine

correctly, properly

properly processed black-and-white photographs


It was a second later when I fully processed what he had said.


My brain slowly processed the fact that I was free to leave.


The image is processed digitally by computer software.


This information is processed by the computer.


The plant is then processed for dye.


The berries are processed into juice or sauce.

highly processed

highly processed foods

Process is used with these nouns as the object: ↑application, ↑data, ↑film, ↑fuel, ↑image, ↑information, ↑input, ↑instruction, ↑ore, ↑paperwork, ↑text, ↑transaction, ↑waste

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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