fine, small

Always read the small print in a contract before signing.


I had to squint to read the tiny print on the screen.

journalism, media
ad, advertisement, campaign (esp. AmE)
edition, version

They make more money from online subscriptions than from selling the print version.

journalist, reporter (esp. AmE), worker (esp. BrE)
industry (esp. BrE) (usually printing industry in AmE), union (BrE)

The initial print run for her book was 6 000 copies.

in print

All her books are still in print.

out of print

I'm afraid that book is now out of print.


The book is beautifully printed on good quality paper.


He was handing out cheaply printed business cards.


I couldn't get the graphics to print correctly.

boldly, clearly, legibly, neatly
indelibly (BrE, figurative)

The incident was indelibly printed in her memory.


We had the first issue of the newsletter professionally printed.


She had the memoir privately printed in a limited edition.


We had the T-shirts specially printed with the company's logo.


The images are scanned onto computers and digitally printed.


Photographs can be printed from a digital file or from a negative.


The message was printed in blue ink.


a leaflet printed on recycled paper


a dress printed with blue flowers

Print is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑magazine, ↑newspaper, ↑printer
Print is used with these nouns as the object: ↑answer, ↑article, ↑copy, ↑document, ↑edition, ↑email, ↑excerpt, ↑image, ↑magazine, ↑map, ↑money, ↑name, ↑negative, ↑news, ↑newspaper, ↑obituary, ↑pamphlet, ↑paper, ↑pattern, ↑photograph, ↑picture, ↑poster, ↑receipt, ↑recipe, ↑story, ↑text, ↑transcript

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