considerable, enormous, great, high, huge, limitless, tremendous, vast
full, maximum

You aren't using your computer to its full potential.

real, true
unfulfilled, untapped
future, long-term
commercial, economic

He believes that religion allows us to develop our human potential.

demonstrate, have, show

This young man has enormous potential.

hold, offer

The new business offers great potential for growth.

be aware of, recognize, see

John Cadbury could see the potential for his product.

develop, exploit, explore, unlock

They were among the first companies to exploit the potential of the Internet.

achieve, fulfil/fulfill, maximize, reach, realize

his dream of fulfilling his true potential

increase, reduce
with potential

We're looking for a trainee with potential.

potential as

She showed great potential as an actor.

potential for

an industry that has the potential for growth

Potential is used with these nouns: ↑advantage, ↑ally, ↑ambiguity, ↑applicant, ↑application, ↑audience, ↑avenue, ↑benefit, ↑bias, ↑buyer, ↑candidate, ↑capability, ↑catastrophe, ↑client, ↑competitor, ↑complication, ↑conflict, ↑consequence, ↑consumer, ↑contamination, ↑cost, ↑criminal, ↑crisis, ↑cure, ↑customer, ↑damage, ↑danger, ↑demand, ↑difference, ↑difficulty, ↑disadvantage, ↑disaster, ↑donor, ↑drawback, ↑effect, ↑effectiveness, ↑embarrassment, ↑employee, ↑employer, ↑enemy, ↑entrepreneur, ↑gain, ↑greatness, ↑hazard, ↑hire, ↑impact, ↑implication, ↑importance, ↑improvement, ↑influence, ↑investor, ↑killer, ↑limitation, ↑link, ↑litigation, ↑lover, ↑mate, ↑member, ↑merger, ↑murderer, ↑participant, ↑peril, ↑pitfall, ↑problem, ↑profit, ↑profitability, ↑rapist, ↑recruit, ↑relevance, ↑repercussion, ↑replacement, ↑return, ↑revenue, ↑reward, ↑risk, ↑rival, ↑roadblock, ↑role, ↑saving, ↑saviour, ↑shortcoming, ↑side effect, ↑significance, ↑site, ↑snag, ↑source, ↑sponsor, ↑stumbling block, ↑successor, ↑suspect, ↑target, ↑tenant, ↑terrorist, ↑threat, ↑trap, ↑trouble, ↑turning point, ↑use, ↑usefulness, ↑user, ↑utility, ↑victim, ↑visitor, ↑volunteer, ↑voter, ↑vulnerability, ↑weakness, ↑windfall, ↑winner, ↑witness

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