1 plan of action
clear, coherent
explicit, specific
conscious, deliberate

a deliberate policy to involve people of all ages

flawed, misguided, short-sighted

the need to reform our flawed agricultural policy

official, public
federal, government, party

The magazine has a misguided editorial policy.

domestic, internal, national, regional
foreign, international
expansionist, interventionary, protectionist, etc.

an open-door policy for migrant workers

affirmative-action (AmE)

affirmative-action policies that aim to help members of historically disadvantaged groups


We have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs.

agricultural, defence/defense, drug, drugs (BrE), economic, education, educational, employment, energy, environmental, financial, fiscal, health, housing, immigration, macroeconomic, monetary, security, social, tax, trade, transport (esp. BrE), etc.

Some have criticized universities for their admissions policies.

design, develop, formulate, frame, influence, shape
determine, dictate

a doctrine that would dictate American foreign policy for some time to come

establish, implement, institute, introduce, set
adopt, carry out, enact, enforce, follow, pursue

The government followed a policy of restraint in public spending.

have, operate

The company operates a strict no-smoking policy.

advocate, approve, endorse, favour/favor, promote, support
be aimed at sth, be designed to do sth

a policy aimed at halting economic recession

policies designed to support and encourage marriage

govern sth

policies governing the management of the environment

affect sb/sth

Their economic policies affect us all.

prohibit sth

a policy prohibiting sexual harassment

decision, making
proposal, recommendation

the need to address public policy issues at the national level

change, reform, review
document, statement
adviser, analyst, expert, maker, wonk (esp. AmE)

a policy adviser who made his name as a health reformer

policy of

The company's policy of expansion has created many new jobs.

policy on

the party's policy on housing

a matter of policy

It is a matter of company policy that we do not disclose the names of clients.

2 insurance contract
buildings and contents (BrE), home and contents (AmE), home contents (BrE), household contents (BrE)
auto (AmE), motor (BrE)
life, life-assurance (BrE), life-insurance
endowment, pension (both BrE)
take out
cover sb/sth

The policy covers (you for) accidental loss or damage.

schedule (BrE)
in a/the policy

risks defined in the policy

under a/the policy

the types of claims covered under the policy

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