1 for keeping things in

tourists with bulging pockets

zip (BrE), zipped, zippered (AmE)
jean (esp. AmE), jeans, pants (AmE), trouser (esp. BrE)
coat, jacket, shirt, vest (AmE), waistcoat (BrE), etc.
back, breast, chest (AmE), front, hip, inner, inside, outer, side, top
door (esp. BrE), seat

Please read the safety leaflet in the seat pocket in front of you (= on a plane).

hidden, secret

Forged passports were found in a secret pocket in the suitcase.

check, feel in, fish in, fumble in, go through, rummage in, search

He went through all his pockets looking for his key.


My cellphone rang and I patted my pockets looking for it.

reach in

She reached in her pocket and pulled out her phone.

dip into (figurative)

Once again club members have had to dip into their pockets (= spend their own money) to buy new equipment.

fish sth from/out of, get sth from/out of, pull sth from/out of, take sth from/out of

I fished the list out of my pocket.

empty, turn out

The security guard made them empty their pockets.

put sth in/into, stuff sth in/into, thrust sth in/into

She stuffed the money into her pocket and walked out.

He walked past with his collar turned up and his hands thrust into his pockets.

fill, stuff

We filled our pockets with apples.

line (figurative)

Dishonest officials have been lining their pockets with public funds.


He caught a boy trying to pick his pocket on the bus.


My pockets were bulging with loose change.

in the/your pocket

My wallet was in the back pocket of my jeans.

out of the/your pocket

He took a few coins out of his pocket.

hands in pockets, with your hands in your pockets

He stood there, hands in pockets.

the lining of a pocket
2 small area/group
large, small

The country has large pockets of unemployment.

a pocket of resistance

Government forces are mopping up the last pockets of resistance.

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