1 separate amount; parts of sth
big, huge, large, long
little, short, small, tiny

The plate smashed into little pieces on the stone floor.

bite-size, bite-sized

The book breaks the information into bite-sized pieces. (figurative)


She makes her sculptures out of odd pieces of scrap metal.

jigsaw (BrE), puzzle
assemble, glue (back) together, put (back) together
in pieces

The vase was now in pieces on the kitchen floor.

piece of

a piece of bread

A few pieces of the puzzle were missing.

bits and pieces

The album is made up of bits and pieces from previous albums.

break into pieces, smash into pieces

The cake just broke into pieces when I cut it.

come to pieces

This chair comes to pieces.

fall to pieces

My old dictionary is falling to pieces.

piece by piece

We'll need to take the engine apart, piece by piece.

blow sth to pieces, shoot sth to pieces, smash sth to pieces
take sth to pieces (esp. BrE)

I had to take the car to pieces in order to repair it.

tear sth into pieces, tear sth to pieces

She tore the letter into tiny pieces.

2 of art, music, writing, etc.
amazing, beautiful, brilliant, excellent, fine, good, impressive, lovely, magnificent, marvellous/marvelous, remarkable, superb, wonderful

The best pieces include three paintings by El Greco.

effective, powerful

This is an effective piece of writing.

atmospheric, dramatic

an original piece written specifically for the producer


a short piece by Will Simons on television satire

modern, period, traditional
choral, orchestral
flute, piano, etc.

an occasional piece on the lives of ordinary people

op-ed (AmE), opinion

a companion piece to the portrait of Gauguin's empty chair

party (BrE), set
puff (AmE)
compose, produce, write

He hasn't produced a single piece of writing this year.

perform, play, sing
hear, read
display, exhibit, show
be called sth, be entitled sth, be titled sth (esp. AmE)
piece by

They are exhibiting two important pieces by Calder.

piece for

a piece for symphony orchestra

piece from

She read a piece from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

a piece of music, a piece of sculpture, a piece of work, a piece of writing

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