1 document asking court for sth
court (esp. AmE)
bankruptcy, divorce, habeas corpus (AmE)

She filed a habeas corpus petition on Padilla's behalf.

file, submit

The petition will be heard tomorrow.

accept, approve, grant

Her petition for divorce was granted.

deny, dismiss, oppose, reject

The district court has opposed the petition by the local electricity company.

petition for

He can file a petition for writ of habeas corpus.

petition on behalf of

a divorce petition on behalf of Terri Jones

2 document signed by many people
protest (esp. BrE)

10 000 people signed a protest petition.

nominating, recall (both AmE, politics)

The deadline for filing nominating petitions for the primary election was Tuesday.

Two million people signed the recall petition.

draft, launch, organize, raise (esp. BrE), start, write

We've started an online petition.

draw up, get up (esp. BrE), set up (esp. BrE)

The players drew up a petition and presented it to the coach.

They've threatened to get up a petition against the plan.


The company had actively circulated petitions to get rid of the union.

deliver, present, send, submit

They delivered petitions with nearly 20 000 signatures to the Senate.

ask sth, ask for sth, call for sth, demand sth, request sth, seek sth, urge sth

a petition asking him to reconsider

oppose sth

The petition opposes the closures.

support sth

The petition supports the plan to rebuild the road.

petition against

We're organizing a petition against the proposed building plans.

petition by, petition from

a petition by local residents

petition for

Local government supports the petition for a new hospital.

petition in favour/favor of

a petition in favour/favor of reform

Petition is used with these nouns as the object: ↑court, ↑parliament

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