1 political group
centre/center, centre-right/center-right, left-wing, right-wing
centrist, fascist, leftist, nationalist, populist, progressive, radical, reactionary, revolutionary, social democratic, socialist
Communist, Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Liberal, Republican, etc.
opposing, opposition

members of the parliamentary party (= MPs, not ordinary party members) (BrE)

main, major

both main political parties

majority, minority

the majority party in both Houses

governing, incumbent, ruling
build, establish, form, found

The party was officially dissolved in 1927.


a bitter dispute which finally split the party

head, lead
belong to, join
be affiliated to, have links with (both esp. BrE)

He was accused of having strong links with the Communist Party.

leave, resign from

She left the party in 2000.

expel sb from
vote for
elect, return to power

The party was returned to power in 2001.

come to power, gain power, win (sth)
control sth

The Liberal party controlled the Senate at this time.

dominate sth
lose (sth), lose power

The party lost the vote on this important issue.

contest sth

the parties contesting the elections

support sb/sth
nominate sb

From 1991 new political parties emerged to challenge the governing party.

conference (esp. BrE), congress, convention

Gordon Brown's speech at the Labour party conference

activist, candidate, faithful (= loyal members of the party), member

Mr Cameron was cheered by the party faithful.

chair, chairman, leader, leadership, official

policies that would be out of place in the Republican party platform


She refused to follow the party line (= the official view of the party).

the leader of a/the ( … ) party, a member of a/the ( … ) party

She became the leader of the party in 2008.

the left wing of the party, the right wing of the party
2 social occasion

a surprise birthday party


He loves throwing lavish parties.

cocktail, dinner, tea
birthday, Christmas, Halloween, holiday (AmE)
engagement, wedding
farewell, going-away, leaving (esp. BrE)

We had a farewell party for Michelle when she left the company.

coming-out (esp. AmE)

They attended the launch party for the new film.

garden, house, office, pool, street
costume (AmE), fancy-dress (BrE), toga
sleepover, slumber (AmE)

The girls were having a slumber party.

bachelor (AmE), bachelorette (AmE), hen (BrE), stag (BrE)

She turned up at her fiancé's bachelor party.

I flew home for my sister's hen party.

frat, fraternity, sorority (all AmE)
tailgate (AmE)
give, have, hold, host, throw

On moving in they threw a huge house-warming party.

organize, plan
invite sb to
attend, go to
crash, gatecrash (BrE)
ruin, spoil
go on

There was a party going on next door.

be in full swing (= be very busy and noisy)

By now the party was in full swing.

break up

The party broke up around midnight.


She is a hard-drinking, non-stop party girl.

at a/the party

I was at a party in London that night.

party for

I'm organizing a surprise party for my sister.

3 group of people working/doing sth together
boarding, hunting, landing, raiding, rescue, scouting, search, welcoming, working

The captain told the crew to prepare to receive a boarding party.

coach (BrE)
bridal, wedding

The wedding party climbed into the carriages.


An advance party settled at Salem in 1628.

party of

She arrived with a party of helpers.

4 person in a legal case
guilty, innocent
aggrieved, injured, wronged
concerned, interested, involved

First we must notify all the interested parties.

disinterested, neutral

You must sign the document in the presence of an independent third party

be binding on (esp. BrE), bind

This agreement is binding on both parties.

This agreement binds both parties.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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