(BrE also -ise) verb
effectively, efficiently, properly, successfully, well
badly, poorly
carefully, neatly

They organized the festival jointly with the tourism office.

independently, privately
seek to, try to
help (to)
be able to
manage to
fail to
learn (how) to
be difficult to, be easy to
be possible to
according to

We need to organize the work according to the availability and skills of each volunteer.


We're organizing the evening around a Japanese theme.


It was difficult to organize the men into teams.

Organize is used with these nouns as the object: ↑army, ↑ball, ↑ballot, ↑banquet, ↑boycott, ↑campaign, ↑closet, ↑coalition, ↑collection, ↑committee, ↑competition, ↑concert, ↑conference, ↑congress, ↑conspiracy, ↑convention, ↑demonstration, ↑deputation, ↑distribution, ↑drawer, ↑drive, ↑effort, ↑election, ↑event, ↑excursion, ↑exhibit, ↑exhibition, ↑expedition, ↑fair, ↑festival, ↑gathering, ↑group, ↑idea, ↑information, ↑lobby, ↑luncheon, ↑march, ↑meeting, ↑militia, ↑movement, ↑news conference, ↑panel, ↑party, ↑petition, ↑picket, ↑picnic, ↑press conference, ↑programme, ↑protest, ↑race, ↑raffle, ↑rally, ↑reception, ↑referendum, ↑reunion, ↑revolt, ↑scheme, ↑seminar, ↑session, ↑show, ↑strike, ↑stunt, ↑system, ↑team, ↑tour, ↑tournament, ↑trip, ↑union, ↑vigil, ↑visit, ↑worker, ↑workshop

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(by assignment of parts), (for special functions), , , , , , / , ,

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