1 age
be, feel, look, seem

You are as old as you feel.


He's old enough by now to manage his own affairs.

six months, ten years, etc. old
2 not young
be, feel, look, seem, sound

The way the young people rushed around made her feel old.

He was beginning to look old.

become, get, grow

We're all getting older.

As they grow older, they develop new interests.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.

She was fairly old when she got married.

3 not new
extremely, fairly, very, etc.

It's a very old tradition.

oldest known

These are some of the oldest known fossil remains.

oldest remaining, oldest surviving

It's one of the oldest remaining parts of the church.

the world's oldest surviving ship

4 shows affection/lack of respect
boring old, silly old (esp. BrE)

boring old history books

He's a silly old fool!

dear old, good old

Good old Dad!

funny old

It's a funny old world.

plain old

Why drink plain old water when you can have something better?

poor old

You poor old thing!

same old

It's always the same old faces.

Old is used with these nouns: ↑acquaintance, ↑adversary, ↑age, ↑ally, ↑armchair, ↑associate, ↑beam, ↑boyfriend, ↑building, ↑cellar, ↑chap, ↑city, ↑civilization, ↑classic, ↑cliché, ↑client, ↑clothes, ↑convention, ↑copy, ↑couple, ↑custom, ↑customer, ↑day, ↑distinction, ↑dogma, ↑enemy, ↑English, ↑enmity, ↑face, ↑family, ↑father, ↑favourite, ↑fellow, ↑feud, ↑foe, ↑folk, ↑fool, ↑forest, ↑friend, ↑friendship, ↑gag, ↑garbage, ↑girlfriend, ↑grievance, ↑ground, ↑grudge, ↑guy, ↑habit, ↑haunt, ↑home, ↑hotel, ↑hymn, ↑idea, ↑injury, ↑inn, ↑joke, ↑junk, ↑lady, ↑legend, ↑magazine, ↑male, ↑man, ↑manor, ↑mansion, ↑manuscript, ↑maxim, ↑memory, ↑monastery, ↑mother, ↑mould, ↑movie, ↑mythology, ↑nation, ↑news, ↑order, ↑paint, ↑people, ↑person, ↑photograph, ↑ploy, ↑prejudice, ↑quarrel, ↑quarter, ↑rag, ↑recipe, ↑record, ↑recording, ↑regime, ↑relative, ↑religion, ↑remedy, ↑resentment, ↑rhyme, ↑rival, ↑rivalry, ↑road, ↑romantic, ↑routine, ↑rubbish, ↑ruin, ↑rule, ↑saying, ↑self, ↑shack, ↑shoe, ↑skill, ↑slipper, ↑slogan, ↑sneaker, ↑sock, ↑soldier, ↑soul, ↑sparkle, ↑spectre, ↑stock, ↑student, ↑style, ↑superstition, ↑T-shirt, ↑tale, ↑tenement, ↑thing, ↑thinking, ↑time, ↑town, ↑tradition, ↑tree, ↑trick, ↑trunk, ↑tune, ↑tyre, ↑uncle, ↑variety, ↑veteran, ↑village, ↑volume, ↑warehouse, ↑way, ↑widow, ↑wine, ↑woman, ↑world, ↑wound

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