1 in the body
pinched (AmE), trapped (BrE)
facial, optic, sciatic, spinal, etc.
damage, pinch (AmE), strain, trap (BrE)

He damaged a nerve in his spine.

go, lead, run

The nerve runs from the eye to the brain.

transmit sth

The nerves transmit pain.

supply sth
control sth

The vagus nerve controls heart rate and breathing.

bundle, cell, ending, fibre/fiber, sheath, tissue
activity, function
impulse, signal
damage, injury
disease, dysfunction, paralysis
along a/the nerve

The message travels along the nerve to the brain.

nerve in

He's been off work with a trapped nerve in his back.

nerve to

Cutting the nerves to the stomach does not affect hunger.

every nerve in sb's body

Intense pain shot through every nerve in his body.

hit a nerve, strike a (raw) nerve, touch a (raw) nerve (all figurative)

My remarks about divorce had unwittingly touched a raw nerve.

2 nerves mental state
bad, frayed, frazzled, jangled, shattered, taut

At the end of a day's teaching, her nerves were absolutely shattered.

fray, stretch

Her nerves were stretched to breaking point.

be on edge

After the bomb, my nerves were on edge.

be shot (informal)

Her nerves were shot from all the things happening around her.


His nerves jangled every time the phone rang.

get the better of sb

He uncharacteristically allowed nerves to get the better of him in yesterday's game.

a battle of nerves, a war of nerves

The union has been fighting a war of nerves with the management over pay.

get on sb's nerves

His endless whining really gets on my nerves.

nerves of steel

You need nerves of steel to be a good poker player.

a strain on sb's nerves

Caring for him while he was so ill has been a great strain on her nerves.

3 nerves nervous state
exam (esp. BrE), first-night (BrE)

I've never suffered from first-night nerves.

jittery (AmE)

It gave me time to calm my jittery nerves before meeting her.

calm, control, ease, settle, soothe, steady

She took a few deep breaths to calm her nerves.

suffer from
an attack of nerves

I had an attack of nerves just before I went on stage.

a bag of nerves, a bundle of nerves

By the time of the interview, I was a bundle of nerves.

4 courage

I didn't have the nerve to ask.


At the last minute she almost lost her nerve.


He kept his nerve to win a thrilling game.


You must find the nerve to ask for more money.

gather, steel

Steeling my nerve, I jumped the first bar.


It took a lot of nerve to stand up and speak.

break, fail (sb)

At the last moment her nerve failed her.

a failure of nerve, a loss of nerve
a test of nerve

Singing in front of so many people was a real test of nerve.

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