1 word/words sb/sth is known by
Christian (BrE), first, given (esp. AmE)
middle, second (= middle name) (BrE)
family, last (see also surname), second (= last name) (BrE)

His full name was William Augustus Grove.

birth (esp. AmE)

Muhammad Ali's birth name was Cassius Clay.


St Petersburg has gone back to its original name.

proper, real, true

His pet name for her was ‘Fluff’.

assumed, fake (esp. AmE), false
joint (esp. BrE)

The account is in joint names.


‘Smith’ is a very common family name.

double-barrelled (BrE), hyphenated (esp. AmE)

The place takes its name from the Old English personal name ‘Catta’.

pen (usually pen-name), professional, stage

George Eliot was a pen-name; her real name was Mary Ann Evans.

brand, proprietary, trade

The scientific name for plants in this genus is Asclepias.


Please enter your user name.


You will need to register a domain name (= an individual Internet address).

place, street

Their original band name was ‘Cherry Five’


Do you have a middle name?

bear, carry

The Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar and hence carries his name.

be known by, go by

The island is more commonly known by the name ‘Krakatoa’.

He goes by the name of Jonno.


She uses a different name in her professional life.


His wife and sister share the same name, Sarah.

acquire, get, obtain

The Brady bill acquired its name from its best-known sponsor, James Brady.

adopt, assume, take

He was elected Pope in 1978 and took the name of John Paul II.


She decided to keep her maiden name for professional purposes.

carry on

He wanted an heir to carry on the family name.


His name was immortalized in 1992 when he scored three times in the space of five minutes.

choose, decide on, pick
give sb/sth

She was given the name Maria, after her grandmother.

give sb, name, pass on

Detectives believe that a hit man was sent to silence the witness before he could name names (= give evidence to the court/police).

call sb/sth by

Please call me by my first name.

call sb names

Stop calling me names (= stop saying rude/insulting things about me)!

call, call out

Somebody called out her name from below.


We cannot mention the suspect's name for legal reasons.


All he did was drop names (= mention the names of famous people to impress people).


He invoked the name of Freud in support of his argument.

ask (sb)

I asked him his name.


I've heard that name mentioned before.


I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.


How do you know my name?

forget, remember

I'm afraid I've forgotten your name.

print, sign, write
enter, put down, register

Have you put your name down for (= applied to take part in) the school play?

put forward (esp. BrE)

They put his name forward (= chose him) as one of the five candidates for the post.


The name of the artist appears on the vase.

sound … 

His name sounds familiar.

imply sth, suggest sth

As the name implies, Oxford was the place at which oxen could ford the river.

be synonymous with sth

His name is synonymous with the worst excesses of sixties architecture.

be associated with sth, be attached (to sth)

I do not want my name associated with these products.

He's been in four movies with Spielberg's name attached.

mean sth
come from

Where does the band name come from?

ring a bell (figurative)

‘Does that name mean anything to you?’ ‘Yes, it does ring a bell (= it is familiar).’

badge, tag
plate (usually nameplate)

She had her nameplate on the door.


Coca Cola's global brand name recognition

by name

The teacher knows every student by name.

by the name of

an actor by the name of Tom Rees

in sb/sth's name

The tickets were booked in the name of McLean.

I arrest you in the name (= on the authority) of the law.

under a/the name

The room was booked under (= using) a false name.

name for, name of

The common name for the flower is ‘pineapple lily’.

a change of name
give your name to sth

The Huron people gave their name to one of the Great Lakes.

a list of names
name and address
names and faces

I have a bad memory for names and faces.

put a name to sb/sth

I couldn't put a name to the face (= didn't know or couldn't remember the person's name).

He put his name to the business (= gave it his name).

take sb's name in vain

to take the Lord's name in vain

Have you been taking my name in vain (= showing lack of respect when using my name)?

2 reputation

She has become a big name in documentary photography.


He made his name writing travel books.

She's made quite a name for herself.

acquire, get

The area got a bad name after a series of nasty murders.


They tried to protect the good name of the college.


Throughout his years in prison, he fought to clear his name.

give sb

This kind of conduct gives students a bad name.

blacken (esp. BrE), damage (esp. BrE), sully

These articles have damaged the good name of the newspaper.

name for

The company has a name for reliability.

sb's name is mud

If you tell our secret your name will be mud (= you will not be popular) around here.

3 famous person/thing
big, familiar, famous, household, recognizable, well-known

He is a big name in the world of rock music.

verb (often be named)
1 to give sb/sth a name
appropriately, aptly, suitably, well

He correctly named the song from the clip played.

curiously, delightfully (esp. BrE), exotically, grandly, improbably, oddly, quaintly (esp. BrE), strangely, wonderfully

the curiously named Egg Castle


The ship will be officially named by the Queen before setting sail from her home port.


I named my son after my father.

for (AmE)

the dead sister for whom she had been named

in honour/honor of

The hospital was named in honour/honor of its principal benefactor.

2 to choose sb for a job/position
formally, officially

The President officially named Kirk as his choice to replace Timms.

to (AmE)

She was recently named to the company's board of directors.

newly named

the newly named head coach

Name is used with these nouns as the object: ↑baby, ↑chief, ↑chief executive, ↑fellow, ↑file, ↑heir, ↑name, ↑ship, ↑source, ↑squad, ↑successor, ↑suspect

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