hidden, ulterior
good, strong

I'd say he had a very strong motive for wanting her dead.

altruistic, high, noble, pure

He was acting from the noblest of motives when he offered her money.

base (formal), selfish
evil, sinister
main, primary, prime
real, true
clear, obvious

There seemed to be no clear motive for the attack.


She was not sure what his underlying motives were.


We give aid to other countries with mixed motives.

economic, financial, political, racial (esp. BrE), religious
be inspired by (esp. BrE), have

She knew that he was inspired by base motives.

establish, find, find out, suggest

The police are still trying to establish a motive for the attack.


There must be something which provided a motive for these killings.

be suspicious of, examine, impugn (formal), question, suspect

He was suspicious of her motives in inviting him into the house.

She should examine her motives for marrying him.


We've become adept at hiding our true motives.


However you explain the motives behind his actions, he was still wrong.

know, see, understand

Everyone can see your true motives.

drive sb/sth

speculation that less noble motives were driving the country's foreign policy

motive in

What was their motive in setting fire to the building?

motive behind

There is no doubt about the motive behind it all.

motive for

There may be a hidden motive for his departure.

motive of

It it is clear that they were acting from motives of revenge.

a variety of motives

I did it for a variety of motives.

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