good, perfect, right, wonderful

a party with just the right mix of people

healthy, judicious
curious, odd, peculiar, strange
fascinating, interesting, intriguing
broad, rich
diverse, eclectic, vibrant

an eclectic mix of theatrical styles

combustible, heady, potent, powerful, volatile

His art features a volatile mix of sexuality and violence.

cultural, ethnic, racial
marketing, product
brownie (esp. AmE), cake, muffin (esp. AmE), pancake

a packet of cake mix (BrE)

a box of cake mix (AmE)

concrete, mortar
potting, soil, soil-less (AmE)

Plant the seedlings in well-drained potting mix.

audio, mono, sound, stereo

The movie's sound mix is excellent.

contain, feature, have, include

The new Oak Hill development offers a mix of housing.


They have created a unique mix of sounds.


The precise mix will vary.


The mix contains soil, peat, and sand.

mix of

The college has a broad mix of students.

1 combine things
thoroughly, well

Mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.


When the rice is cooked, gently mix in all the other ingredients.

in, together

Mix yellow with blue to make green.

mix and match, pick and mix (BrE) (= combine things in different ways for different purposes)

You can mix and match courses to suit your requirements.

2 meet people
easily, well

a child who mixes well at school


Different races mixed freely at dance halls and clubs.


They worked together and often mixed socially.


She mixed happily with the other children.

Mix is used with these nouns as the object: ↑batter, ↑butter, ↑cement, ↑cocktail, ↑concrete, ↑drink, ↑element, ↑flour, ↑ingredient, ↑margarine, ↑metaphor, ↑mustard, ↑paint, ↑paste, ↑sauce, ↑track

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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