1 in a place

She disapproves of unmarried couples living together.

apart, separately

The two sisters have lived apart for two years.

children living separately from their parents


older people still living independently


I'm not going to live here permanently.

come to, go to

We went to live in Canada when I was three.


They lived among the people of this remote island.


She's lived at this same address for four years.


He lives in Cape Town.


She lives quite near here.


I still live with my parents.

live at home

He's still living at home (= with his parents).

a place to live

young couples looking for a place to live

2 be alive

Women live longer than men in general.


Who wants to live forever? I don't.

happily (ever after)

All she wanted was to get married and live happily ever after.

comfortably, well

Most of the people live very well, with nice houses and plenty to eat.

They'll have enough money to live comfortably.


I did want to live more fully.


Tonight she felt like living dangerously.

amicably, harmoniously, peaceably, peacefully

the need to live as harmoniously as possible with everyone else


He was living quietly with his family.


You can live there quite cheaply.

frugally, modestly

They lived frugally off a diet of beans and lentils.


She tried to live vicariously through her children.


Many of the people live in poverty and misery.


She lived through two world wars.


people living with AIDS


I absolutely could not live without my cell phone!

(for) as long as you live

I shall remember this day for as long as I live.

learn to live with sth

people who are learning to live with disability

live a life of sth

He's now living a life of luxury in Australia.

live to (be) 80, 90, etc., live to the age of 80, 90, etc.

She lived to the age of 95.

the world we live in

teaching children about the world we live in

Live is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑exile, ↑inhabitant, ↑population, ↑refugee, ↑settler, ↑species
Live is used with these nouns as the object: ↑dream, ↑existence, ↑fantasy, ↑lie, ↑life, ↑lifestyle, ↑lifetime, ↑nightmare, ↑vocation
adj., adv.
appear, be, perform, play, sing

He appeared live on the Song and Dance Show.

Is the show live or recorded?

The band have never played this song live before.


The show was filmed live at the Arena.

report, speak, talk

We'll be reporting live from Beijing.

Later we'll talk live with the former New York police commissioner.

watch (sth)

I can watch the games live on TV.

come to sb, go out

This concert comes to you live from Carnegie Hall.

In those days the broadcasts all went out live.


The show will air live on June 10.

be broadcast, be carried (AmE), be screened (BrE), be shown, be televised, be transmitted

The trial was carried live on a Chicago radio station.

The game will be televised live this evening.

be recorded

The CD was recorded live at a concert given last year.

go live

The new website is expected to go live in October.

Live is used with these nouns: ↑act, ↑album, ↑ammunition, ↑animal, ↑appearance, ↑audience, ↑bait, ↑band, ↑birth, ↑broadcast, ↑bullet, ↑cattle, ↑CD, ↑chat, ↑chicken, ↑coal, ↑commentary, ↑concert, ↑coverage, ↑demonstration, ↑edition, ↑entertainment, ↑export, ↑football, ↑gig, ↑grenade, ↑image, ↑interview, ↑issue, ↑jazz, ↑microphone, ↑music, ↑orchestra, ↑percussion, ↑performance, ↑performer, ↑picture, ↑recording, ↑report, ↑rock, ↑round, ↑show, ↑snake, ↑sound, ↑television, ↑theatre, ↑track, ↑transmission, ↑update, ↑vaccine, ↑video, ↑virus, ↑wire
Live is used with these verbs: ↑broadcast, ↑perform, ↑play, ↑screen, ↑sing, ↑televise

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