1 living things

Is there intelligent life on other planets?

animal, bird, human, insect, plant
aquatic, marine
2 existence
eternal, everlasting
past, previous

He lost his life in an air crash.

bring sb back to, restore sb to
cling to, fight for

She clung to life for several weeks.

jeopardize, risk

She risked her life for the sake of the children.

endanger, threaten
protect, save

a drug that will save lives


She begged the soldiers to spare her son's life.

give, lay down, sacrifice
claim, cost

The crash claimed 43 lives.

His foolishness almost cost him his life.

end, take

She took her own life.

start (figurative)

The hotel started life as a prison.

be lost

No lives were lost in the accident.

assurance (BrE), insurance
jacket, preserver (AmE), vest (AmE)
boat, raft

She's critically ill, on life support.

a life-support machine

a life-support system

an attempt on sb's life

There have been three attempts on the president's life.

in fear for your life, in fear of your life

Witnesses are living in fear for their life after giving evidence against the gang.

life after death

Do you believe in life after death?

loss of life

The plane crashed with heavy loss of life.

a matter of life and death

These talks are a matter of life and death for the factory. (figurative)

owe sb your life

I owe my life to the the doctors at the hospital.

the right to life
signs of life

The driver showed no signs of life.

3 period between birth and death
long, short
entire, whole

In later life he took up writing.

past, previous

He never discussed the unhappiness of his past life.

I think I may have been an animal in a previous life.

future, next

He was a miner all his working life.

go through, live, spend

She went through life always wanting what she couldn't get.

He spent his whole life in Rhode Island.


He ended his life a happy man.

dedicate, devote

He devoted his life to the education of deaf children.

history, story
imprisonment, sentence
expectancy, span (usually lifespan)

Japanese people have a very high life expectancy.

the lifespan of a mouse

mate (AmE), partner
for life

She thought marriage should be for life.

in your life

for the first time in her life

throughout your life

Throughout her life she was dogged by loneliness.

all your life

I've known her all my life.

at sb's time of life

At his time of life he should be starting to take things easy.

the end of your life

Her paintings became more obscure towards/toward the end of her life.

late in life

She discovered jazz quite late in life.

the … of your life

I had the fright of my life when I saw the snake in my bed.

He met the love of his life at college.

a phase in (sb's) life, a phase of (sb's) life, a stage in (sb's) life, a stage of (sb's) life

She sensed she was entering a new phase in her life.

the prime of life

You're still in the prime of life.

the remainder of your life, the rest of your life

He'll be haunted by the crash for the rest of his life.

4 activity in the world
daily, day-to-day, everyday, ordinary

a real-life drama

personal, private

She did not tolerate press intrusion into her private life.


Only his wife had access to his inner life.

family, married
domestic, home
love, sex

His fame was so sudden that he was unprepared for public life.

academic, business, cultural, economic, intellectual, political, professional, school, spiritual
night (usually nightlife)

What's the nightlife like in the town?

city, village, etc.
rural, urban
build, rebuild

He built his whole life around his children.

She is still rebuilding her life after the accident.

be complicated, be unfair
be precious, be sacred
an attitude to life, an outlook on life, a philosophy of life, a view of life

I've always had a fairly optimistic outlook on life.

a love of life

He always had a great love of life.

a man in your life, a woman in your life

There has only been one woman in her life.

see sth of life

I wanted to see something of life before I settled down.

the … side of life

His time in London was his first glimpse of the seamier side of life.

want sth from of life, want sth out of life

They both seem to want the same things out of life.

5 way of living
fulfilling, good, great, happy, perfect, wonderful
lonely, miserable, sad, unhappy
difficult, hard
active, busy, hectic
peaceful, quiet
normal, ordinary

He had been leading a double life, married to two women.

have, lead, live

She leads a busy social life.


Learning meditation changed her life.

dominate, take over

He never let his work dominate his life.


He ruined his life through drinking.

build a new life, make a new life, start a new life

They went to Australia to start a new life.

enjoy life to the full, live life to the full

He always believed in living life to the full.

the high life

They were enjoying the high life in the smartest hotels of New York.

live a life of … 

They're living a life of luxury in the Bahamas.

a/the pace of life

The pace of life is much gentler on the island.

the quality of life

He gave up his high-flying job and now enjoys a better quality of life.

a way of life

She loved the Spanish way of life and immediately felt at home there.

6 liveliness
come to

The city only comes to life at night.

breathe, bring sth to, inject

They need some new, younger staff to breathe some life into the company.

burst with, hum with, teem with

a child bursting with life

breathe new life into sb/sth

He hopes the development will breathe new life into the community.

full of life

It's nice to see an old man still so full of life.

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