clear, effective, firm, good, great, outstanding, real, strong, true

He was praised for his firm leadership.

poor, weak
charismatic, dynamic, transformational (esp. AmE), visionary
executive, senior, top

the army's senior leadership

deputy (BrE)

He is standing in the deputy leadership election.

collective, joint
global, local, national, world
Conservative, Democratic, Labour, Republican, etc.
civilian, cultural, educational (AmE), intellectual, military, moral, political, religious, spiritual

Political leadership needs a particular combination of skills.

Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.
business, church, community, congressional, government, industry, parliamentary, party, presidential, Senate, union

the opportunity to strengthen our market leadership

assume, take (AmE), take over

When Smith died, Blair took over the leadership of the party.

The board is extremely weak and has not taken leadership.


her method of asserting personal leadership

demonstrate, exercise, provide, show

In the crisis he showed real leadership.

need, require

It's a crisis that requires strong leadership.


The movement is deeply divided and lacks clear leadership.

bid (BrE), campaign (esp. BrE), challenge
ballot, battle, contest, election, race, struggle (all esp. BrE)
position, role

the hard work of staff and the leadership team

abilities, qualities, skills

He lacks leadership qualities.

development, programme/program (both esp. AmE)

The philosophy of the company is that leadership development cannot start early enough.


There is a leadership vacuum in the party.

under sb's leadership

The school has flourished under the leadership of Mr Levi.

leadership from

What is really needed is clear leadership from the president.

leadership in

Leadership in science is moving east.

a challenge to sb's leadership

She withstood several challenges to her leadership.

a lack of leadership
sb's style of leadership

Collocations dictionary. 2013.


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